Definitions and Disclaimers:

SDO-X Global Team Management will ONLY ACCEPT full screenshot from player (reporter)
Player can report via PM or SEND it to SDO-X Global Official Fanspage OR SEND it to
Player can only report based on the song, game mode and level that was officially announced by SDO-X Global Official
Screenshot/ video that is filtered/ sensored WILL NOT be entertained

Step/ Flow to report:

Player will need to provide 2 screenshots

1. Screenshot showing the Character Name, SONG NAME, LV and DURATION
2. Screenshot showing the Final Result
SDO-X Global Team Management will only make judgement by the song list below:
* Song list will be constantly updated to prevent more players from using Autoplay

Ways to Appeal

Way 1:Come to CiB Net Station to prove it in person
Way 2:Player can record video and SEND it to with the Terms and Conditions below:Player only can choose the NOTES SKIN below: