Do you wish to have BABY with your MANSION Partner?
A BABY that is cute, & full of emotional mood, will need your care & love!
This time, SDO-X bring you a brand new system, which is BABY SYSTEM:

Baby Characteristic:

MANSION owner need to play with other player to gain NURTURE POTION
BABY have their own MOTION & ITEM
MANSION owner can CARRY & take care BABY. IF you WON the game with CARRY BABY, you will have chance to get BABY rewards
BABY reach certain LEVEL, MANSION owner can get MANSION ACHIEVEMENT as rewards

Adopt Baby

1. First of all, you need to have MANSION
*You can invite your friend to create a MANSION
Go to SDO-X City, press MY HOME>N


How to get baby potion & adopt baby
1. Press [CRIB] that is in your MANSION

2. BABY INFO will appear after you press [CRIB]
*MAX to collect each NURTURE POTION: 99

b) Press BLUE NURTURE POTION, will increase BLUE colour in NURTURE METER;
Press RED NURTURE POTION, will increase RED colour in NURTURE METER;

c) Daily limit of using NURTURE POTION 50 bottles, IF you press NURTURE POTION when is reaching the daily limit, system will come out the message that show as below:

Nurture Potion

How to get nurture potion
1. You will have chance to get NURTURE POTION by playing:
Multi-Player Mode
Lover Mode
Pet Dance Mode

*You must playing with the player that have MANSION

2. Purchase at Item Shop (MPoints > PROPERTY)

Baby Name

Give baby a name
1. When your BABY NURTURE is full (NURTURE METER reach 100), click ADOPT and you will see a notice to ask you GIVE BABY A NAME

You will see MY BABY button have lighten up after you give BABY a name successful

Baby Type:
Baby Type

Baby Boy Baby Girl

Carry Baby

After you ADOPT BABY, you can click [CRIB] in your MANSION to open BABY INFO

Press [CARRY] so that you can CARRYING your BABY

Each of you can CARRY 1 BABY from your MANSION. IF your MANSION's Partner already CARRY 1 of the BABY, you can CARRY another BABY only. Both of you cannot CARRY the same BABY but you can check the BABY INFO on that BABY.

IF you press the BABY that CARRY by your MANSION's Partner, system will showing this:

Each MANSION can ADOPT maximum 2 BABY only. IF already have 2 BABY in 1 MANSION, you will see the ADOPT button in grey colour, like this:

You can open BABY INFO in the MANSION to:

Either of you can collect BABY POTION

Additional Ability

You need to CARRY BABY during game:

After finish game, will have chance to received gift from BABY
BABY's CHARM is the terms to decide what kind of gift that he/ she will give to you, & your game room need to have 3 players & above
After finish the game, you will received a NOTICE by system

Baby motion

Baby will have their own motion to tell you their feeling:
Waiting, Walking, Dancing, Victory, Failed & etc to let you figure out

Baby basic ability

Baby information introduction:

a. BABY will lose [ENERGY] while you CARRY it, you will need to use BABY ITEM to increase BABY's ENERGY
b. When BABY's ENERGY drop to 0 point, BABY will in UNCONSCIOUS status
c. System will pop-out a notification when your BABY is tired. Notification will appear when BABY's ENERGY is every 10 points from 0-40 point
When BABY is in UNCONSCIOUS status:
BABY cannot up level
Cannot use BABY ITEM that increase ENERGY
BABY can only recover by eating MAGICAL POTION
d. BABY [CHARM] will affected what is the mood & gift that BABY going to show you OR give you:
BABY will GAIN 1 CHARM point when you WIN a game by CARRY BABY
BABY will LOSE 1 CHARM point when you LOSE a game by CARRY BABY
BABY will show you their emotion with the image below:

e. When BABY's ENERGY drop to 0 point, BABY will in UNCONSCIOUS status
BABY maximum Level is Level 49;
BABY can increase EXP by CARRY time & playing Pet Dance Mode(Need to have AT LEAST 3 PLAYERS)
Will not increase any EXP if disconnected from game

Item & Achievement Icon

Baby Item

You must use BABY ITEM to maintain your BABY's ENERGY

Magical Potion Can heal your BABY that is in UNCONSCIOUS status
Ice Cream Can recover 20 point of BABY's ENERGY, but also have 20% of chance to get sick & deduct 5 point of BABY's ENERGY
Strawberry Cake Can recover 50 point of BABY's ENERGY
Super Lollipop Can recover 100 point of BABY's ENERGY & won't decrease any ENERGY within 1 hour

Baby achievement icon

Baby achievement icon will auto give to you when your BABY reach Level 5, Level 12, Level 20, Level 32, Level 45