Time and Competition Mode:

Monday until Thursday: (3 Slots)

10:00am Open - 10:30am Reverse Mode
3:00pm Open - 3:30pm Multiple Mode
9:00pm Open - 9:30pm Showtime Mode

Friday until Sunday: (4 Slots)

10:00am Open - 10:30am Reverse Mode
3:00pm Open - 3:30pm Multiple Mode
6:00pm Open - 6:30pm Battle Mode
9:00pm Open - 9:30pm Showtime Mode

Competition Rules & Regulations

Players will play 5 songs continuously for each round.


1. All players have to enter the game channel 5 minutes earlier.
2. Each round of competition will deduct 5000 G-Point.
3. Player cannot change speed after the competition is start. Player need to set the speed inside the competition awaiting room.
4. When player's blood reaches 0, the game will end, and will be returned to the event announcement page.
5. Players can join several competitions in a week.

Competition prizes

Players can get limited horoscope badges after fulfilling certain criteria.

Each player who succeeds in finishing the game will get a lucky prize. There are more than 10 types of lucky prizes!


In-game Competition Puzzle & Fragment

[PUZZLE] can only be found in [PERSONAL INFORMATION]. Players can know more about the collection by clicking on [PUZZLE]

Players need to collect 8 pieces of [PUZZLE]. The harder to get, the nicer the picture. The [PUZZLE] is something worth collecting.

Each [PUZZLE] is separated into 8 levels, based on their function and the difficulty to get it. The higher the level of an [PUZZLE], the more hard to get. The nicest items has the highest levels.

Basically each [PUZZLE] are separated into 6 [FRAGMENTS]. When players collect all 6 [FRAGMENTS], click on [REDEEM ITEM]button to redeem the item shown in [PUZZLE]. The more beautiful Level 8 [PUZZLE] is the most special. It's divided into 12 [FRAGMENTS].

- Players can get [FRAGMENT] from the [IN-GAME COMPETITION]
- The same [FRAGMENT] cannot be collected twice
- Players can check the special card collection in [PERSONAL INFORMATION]

- After each IN-GAME COMPETITION, the system will randomly give out [FRAGMENT]
- System will give priority to the players with a higher level if there is a need to satisfy different level of special [FRAGMENT].
- The receiving of items is in pop-ups. Players can continue to join the IN-GAME COMPETITION after that.