Create Room

Select PET'S HUNTER Mode when creating room.
TIPS: Team mode isn’t allowed.

Waiting Room

2. Petball

Player can buy Petball from Item Mall. (Does not need to equip to use)

Petball's Name
Poke Ball Use in PET'S HUNTER Mode, press Space to use.
Low success rate. Increase 1 INTIMATE upon success.
Great Ball Use in PET'S HUNTER Mode, press Space to use.
Medium success rate. Increase 2 INTIMATE upon success.
Ultra Ball Use in PET'S HUNTER Mode, press Space to use.
High success rate. Increase 3 INTIMATE upon success.

TIPS: All Petball have 5 seconds cooldown between use.

3. Pets Hunter Card

Player can buy Pet Hunters Card from Item Mall. Will go into Item Bag upon purchase, player can select which card to use in PET'S HUNTER Mode.

Pets Hunter Card
Pets Hunter Card Name
Defense Card Automatically recover 30 HP every 50 COMBO.
Add On Attack Card Player basic attack deals bonus damage.
Attack Multiply Card Deal 1 damage to wild pet every 100 COMBO.

Pet's Information

Pet HP is affected by:
• Higher HP against more players. Max at 6 players.
• Amount of notes for the selected song.

Pet Appearance affected by:
• Host's Petdex status. Pets with ??? status will not appear.
• Song difficulty level.

Song's Level
Wild Pet Appearance Chance
Level 1 - 6 Basic Pet appearance chance: 85%
Intermediate Pet appearance chance: 14%
Advanced Pet appearance chance: 1%
Level 7 - 13 Basic Pet appearance chance: 23%
Intermediate Pet appearance chance: 75%
Advanced Pet appearance chance: 2%
Level 13 & Above Basic Pet appearance chance: 25%
Intermediate Pet appearance chance: 70%
Advanced Pet appearance chance: 5%

1. Scene
1) Wild Pet HP
2) Petball quantity. Will not be able to capture pet if it reaches 0.
3) Pet position. In PET'S HUNTER Mode, wild pet will appear in the middle and dancers at the side. TIPS: When room has less than 6 players, Advanced Pet will not appear.

2. Player's Attack

• Every additional player will increase capture chance by 10%.
• Wild pet will appear red once with sound effect upon successful attack.

a. Normal Attack
Every 30 combo will attack once, deal 1 damage to pet HP.

b. Special Attack
Player can buy Attack Card from Item Mall and use it in waiting room. This will have unique effect once game started.

1) Attack Multiply: Every 100 COMBO, wild pet will receive 1 damage to its HP.
2) Add On Attack: Every 30 COMBO, player normal attack will increase by 20%. The multiplier stacks.
3) Recovery: Every 40 COMBO, player HP will increase by 30 with sound effect.

3. Pet's Attack

Normal Attack: Wild pet will attack every time its HP is decreased by 10%.

4.Using Petball
a) How to use Petball:
Player can throw Petball by pressing SPACE.
b) Capture success rate is affected by wild pet's HP, Petball type and amount of players in game.

c) Upon successful capture, player will receive INTIMATE point in the result screen and displaying "SUCCESS". When INTIMATE reaches 100, you may bring the pet into game.

d) If player failed to capture the wild pet, the score screen will display "FAILED" instead.


Scores in PET'S HUNTER Mode will not be recorded into profile.
Pet capture outcomes:

• Failed capture: Player GAME OVER or disconnect from game before it ends.
• Wild pet killed: Reduced wild pet HP to 0, no longer able to capture pet.
• Successful capture: Captured wild pet without killing it and finish the game.

Carry Pet

1. Once pet INTIMATE reaches 100, player will be able to TAME the pet in Petdex. Doing so will allow player to carry the pet into game.

2. After clicking TAME, a prompt will appear for you to name your pet.

3. After taming pet, all INTIMATE point for that pet will be deducted.

1) When carrying a pet into PET'S HUNTER Mode:
• meeting wild pet of the same kind and capturing it will grant increased INTIMATE point.
• meeting a higher level wild pet and capturing it will grant extra 2 INTIMATE point.
2) INTIMATE point is maxed at 100 and will not exceed that cap.
3) If player choose to TAME pet, system will deduct all INTIMATE point for that pet and the tamed pet will appear in Pet Profile. This will allow player to continue to gain INTIMATE point for that pet again.