Promoter & Student

Player can freely apply to be a Promoter and recruit other players as Student. Each promoter can recruit 50 Students

For every 100M Cash Student spent in Cash Shop, Promoter will receive 10MCash after the next maintenance. Although be aware that the following actions are not subjected to promoter benefits:

• Paying another player's bill
• Sending gift
• Purchasing Loud Speaker or small Speaker
• Spending less than 100Mcash in one bill

The benefit of being a Student is that it will receive 10% Experience from Promoter. Student also gain Learning points that can be used to turn into different attributes.

Become/Resign Promoter

If the player isn't a promoter yet, they can visit their profile and click the I want to be promoter button to become a promoter.

Clicking Cancel will return back to the Personal Information window.
Clicking I Do will accept the duty as a Promoter.

After becoming a Promoter, the I want to be promoter button will become My students instead.

Student list shows the amount of students you have, student's spending and their the time of their spending. Right clicking on the student's name will bring up additional options.

My Student: display more information on the student

Expel Student: expel student from the listing.

Every time the student spends MCash, it will accumulate and promoter will receive 10% of it. The accumulation is refresh weekly during maintenance.

You can recruit students by pressing on the Recruit Student button:

After entering the desire student's name, press Confirm will send an invitation request to the student.

Pressing the Resign button to give up being a promoter:

A confirmation will appear, pressing OK to confirm the resignation.

Student/Promoter Relationship

Promoter are marked with the following icons in the player list:

New players under two months old are marked with the following icons in the player list:

Promoter can directly invite new players by right clicking on their name and press Invite Student:

Then an invitation will be sent out:

Then it is up to the student to accept the invitation:

Once the student accepts, the relationship will be formed:

Become a student:

Student Benefit:

Student can send an application to promoter:

Promoter will receive the application and it is up to the promoter to accept the application:

Once the promoter accept your application, system will auto sending the notice to student: