Multiplayer mode is the most popular mode in all game type. It allows players to team up to 6 players to carry out the game. 1 mode, 3 different method play it, increasing the interaction between multiplayer and river players. When the game start, the arrow will start coming out from the black panel at the left hand site(you can set it to the center at SETTING). Player need to hit the arrow coming out and gain points from it. At the end, who hits most arrows will become the winner.


Dropping from top is the default game mode. When the game starts, the screen will show a black note lane, look at the arrows that are moving upwards and press the corresponding keys when the notes hit the top. The win will be determined by points.


River drop is different from other because the direction notes lane goes outward and notes appear from far away. The win will also be determined by points.


It's the opposite of Top. When the game starts, the screen will show a black note lane, look at the arrows that are moving downwards and press the corresponding keys when the notes hit the bottom. The win will be determined by points.


The difference between Reverse Mode and Multiple Player Mode is the arrow that come out will have one more type of arrow, "arrow in yellow". When this type of arrow came out, player needs to hit the opposite arrow, i.e. When up arrow shows, players needs to hit the down key. This is a mode to test player's reaction.
* You can't change note drop direction in "Reverse mode". The default drop is the same as "Up" drop direction.


6-Key mode is the mode that tests the agility of your fingers and brain. Press the related keys when the note reach the point and you'll see the word PERFECT! The more continuous PERFECTS you hit, the higher your points will be.
6-Key mode is a step up from Multiplayer mode because there are extra 2 keys. A lot of players feel confused when they first start playing it but to help you conquer the 6-Key mode.


The uniqueness of Battle Mode is that it lets you experience a different way of game play. When you hit NOTES that contain items in Battle Mode, you will randomly receive different types of items. These items can be used to attack other players and also to defend yourself from the attack! Battle mode supports the lowest amount of people to run the game which is: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, not limited to gender.


Team is separated according to gender. In the "Boys vs Girls mode", it has to be 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3, male and female in the team will randomly match against each team and have a 1 vs 1 competition. If the team is 3 vs 3, there will be 3 rounds. The notes lane will only appear when it's the player's turn to compete. Same as the "multiplayer mode", it depends on who have better accuracy in hitting the key when the note gets in place.


In "Boys vs Girls mode", player will receive 1 MVP point each time players becomes the MVP. When a certain amount is accumulated, a gem will appear in front of the nickname! Player's MVP point will be display In their personal info page. MVP point is represented by difference icon.
There are many difference icons such as crystal, gem, diamonds and more. The above list are the icons of MVP.


In Lover Mode, the game will begin with 2vs2 or 2vs2vs2 mode. A boy and a girl will team up in a same team to play a song. Each lover will have a big love, it is to calculate both lovers performance. During the process of the game, players have to match each other; the better the song finishes, the more hearts will shine. When the big "heart" is filled up, couples will have an intimate action when the game ends!


The gameplay of Pet mode is similar to Multiplayer mode. In Pet mode, players to dance together with their pets and winner can increase exp for pet and make their pet happy; there are also Cookies reward which can be fed to pet to increase their Fullness level.
You can select the adorable rabbit, naughty monkey or smart fox!


Gallery Mode is another style of dancing with your fingers. Player need to use "S", "D", "F", "J", "K", "L" and SPACE BAR keys to play in this mode.


Guild Badge Mode enable guild to collect badges from other guild. Guild Battle has to be in 3vs3 and players have to be from 2 different guilds for the game to start. Guild Battle will randomly match up team in a 1v1 battle. The winners of the guild will win the badges from the lose guild.
* In Guild Battle, player can only select the difficulty of song, and the song will be randomly selected by the system.


Player must play in form of at lease 1vs1, or team battle 2vs2 and 3vs3. When game start, every player have 1 row of Jewel which is randomly choose by system.Player not only will enjoy the usual key hitting version but we’ve added an extra twist to it, whereby you will have to match jewels to smash them in order to win the final showdown.
* You can gain 1 MVP Point if you play a match in 3vs3.


Drum Mode is play by pressing "Left Shift" and "Right Shift" keys of the keyboard according to the music arrow beats.
* You can set your keys at SETTING, we recommend using left and right shift keys, the keys are larger than other letter and numbers so it has more of a drum feel to it.