How to register Super Dancer Online-Xtreme game account?
You can register your account at

Where can I download Super Dancer Online-Xtreme game client?
You can download the game client at

How to purchase game item?
Player can purchase in game item in item shop, there are over 1000 types of cute avatar. Player can use M point or G point and accumulate point to buy. Player needs to go to my room to change avatar that just purchased.

Why I am unable to wear the avatar bought from item shop?
One of the characteristics of the items for avatar in Super Dancer Online-Xtreme is Level Restriction; means the character must reach a certain level to wear the specific avatar.

How do I know who is the game room owner?
The owner of the game room will shown the word "HOST" at the display image at the waiting room.

Why I cannot go into dancing pad area?
Player need activate the dancing pad function for the character and plug-in the Super Dancer Online dancing pad at USB port in order to go into the dancing pad area.

Can I use keyboard to play the game, without using dancing pad?
This is possible, because there are two districts in Super Dancer Online Xtreme, one is "Keyboard District", and another is "Dancing Pad District".

What is the conversion of the CiBmall point to SDO-X Mcash?
The conversion of the CIBmall point to SDO-X M-cash is 10CP = 130 MCash.